Captain Phantasm Meets Major Majestic

Captain Phantasm Meets Major Majestic

For more than a decade, Captain Phantasm has been fighting evildoers with his heightened catlike reflexes, his uncanny intellect, and his mighty fists of justice. But now a new superhero has risen to the number one position as Metroville City’s protector, and Captain Phantasm is starting to feel like number two. Don’t miss Captain Phantasm Meets Major Majestic, a popcorn-tossing comedy that celebrates the classic pulp heroes of comic books and 1940s serials.

Cast & Crew

3 women  //  4 men

6-10 extras


Full-length play; 2-3 Acts

Melodrama, Comedy

Approx. Run Time: 90 min.

Variations: With and without sing-a-long introduction.

Performance Group

Professional Theater, High School, College Theater, Dinner Theater

Production History

Pocket Sandwich Theater, Dallas, Texas