What is d20?

D20 Stageworks is the gestalt entity of Sean Freeman and Chris Irby, two lifelong friends who first collaborated in the early 1980s to produce a bunch of Super-8 films, most of which involved Dungeons & Dragons and/or prodigious amounts of blood spray. To the relief of their parents, they eventually decided to give up filmmaking and focus, instead, on writing for the stage.

Together, they have been inflicting plays on unsuspecting theatergoers since 2006. These include THE FINAL ADVENTURE OF HERCULES, THE GREAT ESCAPE FROM STALAG 18, THE LEGEND OF DEADEYE MARY, and the inexplicably popular CAPTAIN PHANTASM series.


Chris Irby is an Aries and a liberal of indeterminate age, beloved by children, pets, and old people across the nation. He is the proud co-author (along with his longtime pal Sean Freeman) of myriad melodramas and short plays. When he’s not collaborating theatrically, he enjoys drinking bourbon, spending time with his lovely fiancée, and patiently explaining to people on the internet why they’re wrong.

Born helpless, naked, and unable to fend for himself, Sean Freeman eventually overcame these handicaps and at age 10 wrote and directed a number of short films, all of which involved wizards, robots, and/or prodigious blood spray. Now, after a brief 29-year hiatus, urged on by a rapid fan base numbering in the threes, he and his childhood chum Chris Irby have united to inflict their work on unsuspecting theater aficionados.