Captain Phantasm Vs. The Nefarious Dr. Noir

Captain Phantasm vs. The Nefarious Dr. Noir

A homage to the dramas from “The Golden Age of Radio” like The Shadow and Dick Tracy. Captain Phantasm defends the Metroville City from the criminal element with his comrades against crime, the intrepid reporter Pretty Perfect and the Professor, a lovable but slightly mad scientist.

Captain Phantasm!  Orphaned as a child in the Himalayas when his paleontologist parents were devoured by spider monkeys, Captain Phantasm was raised by mystic monks who trained him in the inscrutable arts of the Orient.  Yes, Captain Phantasm, disguised as Knox Henderson, a young and idealistic detective with the Metroville City Police Department, fights a never ending battle against evildoers with his heightened catlike reflexes, his uncanny intellect, and his mighty fists of justice.

So kids!  Gather round and set your decoder rings on “adventure” as Captain Phantasm meets… the Nefarious Dr. Noir!

Captain Phantasm vs. The Nefarious Dr. Noir

Cast & Crew

3 women  //  4 men

6-10 extras


Full-length play; 2-3 Acts

Melodrama, Comedy

Approx. Run Time: 90 min.

Variations: With and without sing-a-long introduction.

Performance Group

Professional Theater, High School, College Theater, Dinner Theater

Production History

Pocket Sandwich Theater, Dallas, Texas