The Legend of Dead-Eye Mary

Banner The Legend of Deadeye Mary

The year is 1878. “Deadeye Mary” is looking for the man who shot her pa and Felicity is looking for the subject of her next novel. Their fates become intertwined as they face off against outlaws, bounty hunters, and a crooked lawman in a desperate hunt for stolen gold. It’s a family friendly western with a feminist twist!

The Legend of Deadeye Mary

Cast & Crew

2 women  //  2 men

6-10 extras


Full-length play; 2-3 Acts

Melodrama, Comedy

Approx. Run Time: 90 min.

Variations: With and without sing-a-long introduction.

Performance Group

Professional Theater, High School, College Theater, Dinner Theater

Production History

Pocket Sandwich Theater, Dallas, Texas